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Board of Directors and Advisory Board:
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Executive Director:

Chris Tollefson

Chris is the Hakai Chair in Environmental Law and Sustainability at UVic Law and one of Canada's leading environmental law scholars. The ELC's founding Executive Director, he is a former President of the Sierra Legal Defence Fund (currently Ecojustice) and a founding director of EAGLE. (UVic Law Biography )

Legal Director:

Calvin Sandborn

Calvin is one of BC's most experienced public interest environmental lawyers. He is former counsel to West Coast Environmental Law Association and the Forest Practices Board, and was Associate to the historic Commission on Resources and Environment. He has successfully litigated many high profile cases (particularly in the areas of forestry and endangered species) and instigated broad law reform. In 2011, Calvin was named an Honourary Citizen of the City of Victoria and received the Andrew Thompson Award, BC’s top prize for Environmental Advocacy. ( UVic Law Biography )

Project Director:

Deborah Curran

Deborah is the Hakai Professor in Environmental Law and Sustainability at UVic Law. Focusing primarily on land use law, Deborah has significant has significant experience in analyzing and making recommendations on how local governments approach regulation and planning for environmental protection, particularly in the context of smart growth and ecosystem integrity. For real estate, land use and ustainability law news, follow Deborah on Twitter @DeborahLCurran. (See Deborah's UVic Law Biography.)

Litigation Director:

Mark Haddock

Mark Haddock began working with the Environmental Law Centre in 2009, and joined the clinic full time in 2011. Mark has specialized in forestry, natural resources and environmental law, and has worked in private practice and with West Coast Environmental Law, Sierra Legal Defence Fund, Department of Justice and the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. See Mark's UVic Law Biography.

Paralegal Administrator:

Holly Pattison

Holly joined the ELC as its first full-time Paralegal/Program Administrator in 2006. She teaches file management in the clinic, manages the law office, maintains the Society’s records and finances, updates the website, organizes events, edits and desktops various reports, publications and applications. In addition to her years of law firm experience, Holly is an expert at communicating public interest environmental law issues to the general public through writing, photography and film.

Board of Directors 2013-14

Community Board Members
Gillian Calder Gillian Calder, Law Professor

Gillian is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law where she teaches Constitutional Law and Family Law. She joined the faculty in 2004 from the practice of Aboriginal law in Vancouver. Her areas of research interest include the relationship between women, work and family; constitutional and equality theories; and performativity and law. Currently she is fascinated by the role of political theatre in legal and social movements, including the potential for sustained environmental change.
Sutton Eaves, Communications Specialist

Sutton Eaves has more than a decade of experience working in communications, media and advertising. As both a communications specialist and a director, Sutton has developed and managed communications and campaign strategies for several national environmental organizations including Ecojustice and the David Suzuki Foundation. Previously she worked as a journalist at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Ottawa Citizen, as well as in Nigeria where she trained local journalists in human rights and public health reporting. Sutton holds a Bachelor of Journalism, a Master in Environmental Studies and a love for rock climbing.
Hamar Foster Hamar Foster, QC, Law Professor

Hamar Foster practiced law with Prowse Williamson & Foster in Vancouver before joining the Faculty at UVic in 1978. Over the years he has taught evidence, property, trial and appellate advocacy, legal history, aboriginal law, and criminal law & procedure, which he also taught in the Akitsiraq program in Iqaluit, Nunavut. He is an enthusiastic member of the Victoria City Rowing Club and has an old but trusty sailboat that he wishes he could use more often.
Clare Frater, Policy Analyst

Clare Frater is a Policy Analyst for the Islands Trust. In that role, she works on a variety of environmental advocacy campaigns focused on protecting the islands and waters of the Salish Sea. Previously, Clare has worked for the BC Ministry of Environment, the Islands Trust Fund and Habitat Acquisition Trust. In her spare time, Clare can be found digging in her garden or taking her two young boys for adventures in the forest.
Robert Janes Robert Janes, Lawyer
(ELCS Director November 2001 - September 2013)

After almost a dozen years of service on the ELCS Board, Robert is stepping down from his role as Director. We thank Robert for his contributions to the ELC and look forward to working with him in the future.

Robert Janes, of Janes Freedman Kyle Law Corporation, is a litigator with extensive experience in aboriginal and public law. Robert acts for First Nations in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario in matters relating to aboriginal and treaty rights, matters arising under the Indian Act and other proceedings of concern. He also provides advice to a number of First Nations engaged in the British Columbia Treaty Process. (Link to online bio.)
Tim Leadem, Lawyer

Tim Leadem joined the ELCS Board in January 2014. We will post his photo and bio here in the near future. Welcome, Tim!
Robin Longe, Lawyer

Robin Longe joined the ELCS Board in May 2012. We will post his photo and bio here in the near future. In the meantime, you can link to his online bio.)
Maeve Lydon Maeve Lydon, Associate Director, Office of Community-Based Research at UVic (Acting Community Co-Chair)

Maeve Lydon works for the Office of CBR at the UVic. She has worked with local and national NGOs for 25 years in the areas of human rights, community development and sustainability. In Victoria she co-founded groups including Common Ground, the Victoria Coalition for Survivors of Torture, the Global Village Store. Specialty areas include community mapping and participatory planning for NGOs, organizations and neighborhoods. Maeve has been on the board of the ELC for over 10 years.
Dan MacIsaac Dan MacIsaac, Lawyer
(ELCS Director November 2004 - January 2014)

Many thanks to Dan for all his contributions to the ELCS! We look forward to working with him in the future.

On the ELC board since 2004, Dan is the managing partner of the law firm of MacIsaac and MacIsaac. He has appeared as counsel at all levels of court in British Columbia from the Provincial Court to the Court of Appeal. His primary areas of practice include land litigation. (Link to online bio.)
Maxine Matilpi Maxine Matilpi, Teacher

Maxine V.H. Matilpi is Kwakwaka’wakw and works in Snuneymuxw Territory at Vancouver Island University teaching First Nations Studies and Women’s Studies. A former lawyer, Chief Negotiator for the Kwakiutl First Nation (Fort Rupert, BC), and Director of the Academic and Cultural Support Program at the Faculty of Law, she lives in Komox/Pentlatch Territory on Denman Island.
Alyne Mochan, ELC Alumnus

Alyne Mochan is a proud ELC grad and worked for the ELC one summer. She is a lawyer with Cedar Law in Victoria, practising in the area of Aboriginal law. Alyne is the Legal Officer at the Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner of BC.
Eloise Spitzer

Eloise Spitzer happily retired from a career as a lawyer, Deputy Minister in the Yukon and British Columbia governments, Development Director at the David Suzuki Foundation and Coordinator of the Cooperative Education at the University of Victoria Law School. Eloise has a long association with NGOs, including as a founding mother of LEAF, The Women's Legal Education and Action Fund. Eloise is currently involved with the Akitsiraq Law Program in Nunavut.
David Thomas

The ELC is pleased to welcome David Thomas to the ELCS Board of Directors! We will post David's bio and photo here in the near future.
Student Executive Board Members 2013-14
Sarah Elwood, President

Sarah is a Victoria local who came home to UVIC after completing her socio-environmental geography degree at the University of Washington in Seattle. Her interest in environmental issues arose during a grade four science project where she studied the effects of climate change, and that interest has only grown since. In her undergraduate degree Sarah focused on the humanitarian issues related to global sea level rise and in her spare time, Sarah spends most of her time outside, playing tennis, taking photos and playing fetch with her puppy on the beach.
Cassandra Paterson, Vice President (shared)

Cassandra is a third year student in the Faculty of Law. Before attending UVic she completed her Bachelor of Science at UBC in Environmental Science. Vancouver is her hometown, but she takes every chance she can to spend time in the summer at her family's cabin on Okanagan Lake. She is excited to stay involved with the ELC's wide range of interesting projects and keep absorbing as much as possible in her final year. You can find her spending as much time outdoors as possible in her beautiful westcoast backyard.
Megan Seiling, Vice President (shared)

After a year with the ELC intensive program, Megan is now in her 3rd and final year at UVic. As VP, she is looking forward to giving back to the ELC some of what it has given to her. Megan spends a lot of time daydreaming about mountains. When not daydreaming about mountains, she generally daydreams about paddling rivers or sleeping in her tent. If you catch her not daydreaming, she's probably doing one of those things.
Clare Funston, Internal Communications

Clare is a second-year law student who chose UVic based on its excellent reputation in Environmental Law. She was born in the NWT but grew up in Ottawa, and has had the privilege of living on both coasts of our beautiful country. She has worked for Environment Canada in both Ottawa and Yellowknife, and is hoping her involvement in the ELC will give her yet another lens through which she can understand the environmental challenges facing us today. She has been involved in student government since high school and looks forward to participating throughout law school as well.
Mae Price, External Communications

Mae is a second year law student at UVic and is excited to become more involved with the Environmental Law Centre. Mae has spent almost every summer since high school introducing kids to the outdoors through canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing in BC's beautiful Howe Sound. After a four year stint in Montreal where she completed an undergrad in political Science and History, Mae spent two years working in politics and the non-profit sector in Vancouver. Last year she made the big trek across the water to Victoria to start at UVic Law.
Rosie Jacobs, Treasurer

Rosie is a second-year law student at UVic. She grew up in Maple Ridge, BC and studied English and Commerce at Dalhousie University. When she was in grade 10, Rosie participated in an outdoor education program at her high school where she went hiking, biking, and kayaking all over BC. Ever since, whether it’s travelling, practicing muay thai, or studying law, Rosie is always ready for the next adventure or challenge that comes her way. She is excited to be involved with the ELC and discover all the new adventures that await her this year.
Matt Hulse, Special Events Coordinator

Matt started his undergraduate education with a plan to become a doctor, but as time passed he became sidetracked by environmental issues to the point that he decided to trade the dream of the high life as an M.D. for one as a J.D, or more specificially, the male version of Erin Brockovitch. Having graduated from Queen's University with degrees in Physical Health Education and Environmental Sciences and now in his first year at UVic law - he knows that working with the ELC is another step towards reaching that dream! Having grown up in Ontario, Matt is looking forward to exploring the mountainous beauty BC as well as pursuing his athletics endeavours in the sport-friendly city of Victoria.
Katie Duke, Summer Coordinator

Katie is a second year law student at UVic. She grew up in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, which has instilled in her a respect and appreciation for wild spaces. Before coming to law school Katie rode and cared for horses professionally and was long listed for the Canadian Olympic team. A desire to use the law as a tool to affect positive environmental and social change led her to switch career paths and eventually arrive at UVic law. She is excited about the opportunity to become more involved with Victoria's environmental movement through the ELC.
Alix Stoicheff, Summer Coordinator

Alix grew up in Saskatchewan and some of her strongest childhood memories are of canoeing on the province’s northern rivers and backpacking across the grasslands in the south. Upon finishing her History degree at McGill University, Alix moved to the Rockies, where she spent two seasons working and climbing mountains in Yoho National Park. When she needs to be indoors, Alix has worked as a researcher studying Canadian mining practices in Latin America (a region she has explored with her hiking boots and backpack), and and as a reporter for CBC Radio & Television in Saskatchewan. She has also shared her passion for sustainability issues as an organizer of an environmental festival in Saskatoon.
Bruce Warnsby, Indigenous Law Students Association Liaison

Bruce Warnsby is Tr'ondek Hwech'in Huch'in (A person of the people who lives at the place of the hammerstones [the mouth of the Klondike River, near Dawson, Yukon]). Growing up I saw the massive change that were brought about by growing population and environmental degradation. As a child, I have memories of the Lut Cho (King Salmon) being in such number that it seemed that there were no end to them and big fish. Now, they are fewer and fewer each year. I can recall when mining around Dawson was small family operation that had a minimal impact now, its big companies that leave scars on the land, still recovering from the last great mining company. I have seen people suffer from loss of food and climate change. Where is this story going? It's about the strong connection I have to the land, it's about the rights of People to a clean environment, it's about the preservation economic orders that have been in place since time before all memory. It's about the future for all the generation down to a beyond all forsite. To steal and change a Bill Clinton Quote "It's the Environment Stupid" and that's why I should be elected to help UVIC build on Environmental protection legacy it already has. Quick Facts about Bruce: Holds a BA in History and Political Science from UBC; worked as a Park Steward and Land Claims Negotiator; is President of ILC; is a committed Environmentalist.
Sarah Ure, Project & Events Coordinator

Sarah is in her third year of law school at UVic. She grew up in Calgary, where she also received her two undergraduate degrees in Psychology and English. She fled west when she got the chance, and thoroughly enjoys the ocean views and the hilly runs. When law school gives her a break, she enjoys exploring the island, the country and the world. After visiting more than thirty countries, she is still awed by the beauty of the British Columbia coast. She enjoys running, yoga, and playing music, and is thrilled to be a part of the ELC team for her last year at UVic.
Erin Gray, Upper Year Rep

Erin is a second year law student who holds an Honours Bachelor of Design from Ryerson University. She worked in corporate marketing in Toronto before coming to law school. Her passion for environmental conservation showed itself through her increased involvement in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities at work, freelance work with WWF-Canada, and volunteering with Environmental Defence Canada and the Green Party of Canada and BC. She sat on the Board of the ELC as a First Year Representative last year and was instrumental in re-enacting the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund, on which she served as an executive member. Erin worked with an aboriginal law firm last summer, and is particularly interested in how aboriginal and environmental law interact. She is proud of the amazing work the ELC has done in the past year and is looking forward to more to come!
Adele Ley, First Year Rep

Adele grew up near Guelph, Ontario and completed her Bachelor of Arts in political science and economics at Carleton University in Ottawa. She also competed nationally in cross country skiing during her undergraduate degree, and spent a year in the Italian Alps. Having now retired from full-time ski training, she filled the void by working as a forest firefighter in Revelstoke this past summer, where she also got hooked on mountain biking and climbing. She chose UVic for its passion and priority it places on environmental issues and is looking forward to working with the inspiring members of the ELC.
Andrew Lemieux, First Year Rep

Andrew grew up alternating time between urban Ontario and rural Quebec before settling in Montreal for his undergraduate degree. He earned a B.A. in Environment and Development from the McGill School of Environment, where he served as the Co-President of the McGill Environment Students’ Society. He has spent time living abroad in France, Chile and most recently in Panama, where he completed an internship with CIAM Panama, an NGO focused on actively defending the nation’s natural resources through legal activism and public outreach. Andrew is fluent in English, French and Spanish, enjoys foreign cuisine and is working to move beyond novice-level surfing. This is his first year at UVic law and he has been looking forward to working with the ELC since his acceptance to the J.D. program.

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