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Support for our work has never been more critical. This past summer, the ELC learned that the wonderful Tula Foundation, which has supported the significant expansion of the ELC over the last 10 years, must substantially reduce the support that it provides.

Since receiving that news, the ELC has worked with UVic Faculty of Law to put solutions in place. We’ve had real success and know that the ELC will continue its great work, albeit (for the time being) at a reduced level. But we could use your help.

We would be especially grateful for monthly gifts or recurring annual gifts pledged over three to five years. This would provide us with a solid and dependable platform for our work into the future. All donations are tax-deductible, and all donations make a difference.

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Your gift will have a direct impact on protecting the environment. By exploring our website you can find reports about many of our projects, which have a huge impact on the quality of our environment.

We are so honoured to do this important work. We hope you will join us!

Thanks again for your much-needed support,

The ELC team:

Deborah Curran, Anthony Ho, Holly Pattison, Calvin Sandborn, Chris Tollefson


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