Advocating for clean air in Kitimat

ELC Litigation team at the Environmental Appeal Board

t L-R: Tasha Gooch, Chris Tollefson, Mark Chernaik (Mark Chernaik, Staff Scientist with the Environmental Law Alliance and expert witness) , Anthony Ho, Richard Overstall

The ELC is helping two citizens argue for cleaner air in Kitimat.

The fight is against a government permit granted to Rio Tinto Alcan to increase sulphur dioxide (S02) emissions at their Kitimat shelter by 55% above current permit levels.

There is good reason to be concerned: S02 not only causes acid rain, it impairs peoples’ ability to breathe.

In a four-week trial before the Environmental Appeal Board, the ELC’s litigation team is led by Executive Director Chris Tollefson (second from left above) and ELC Associate Richard Overstall (far right), who are each representing one of the clients opposed to the permit. Former ELC students, lawyers Tasha Gooch (far left) and Anthony Ho (second from right) are providing valuable assistance.

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