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Thanks to ELC students Gabrielle Grant and Andie Britton-Foster, it should be a little easier for the public and local governments to work together to protect their local ecosystems using Environmental Development Permit Areas (EDPAs). EDPAs are >


Many regional districts in BC already have dedicated acquisition funds to protect green spaces. The BC Government should do its part and step forward with a fund to purchase endangered ecosystems, old-growth forests, drinking watersheds and areas of high recreational and scenic value on private lands for future generations of British Columbians.   Ken Wu, >

The Paris Agreement and Beyond: The Road Ahead for Canada

The Paris Climate Agreement ensures that 2015 will be remembered as a landmark year for Canadianenvironmental and energy law. Whether 2015 will also be a turning point is more difficult to say. The agreement is certainly an historic achievement in international diplomacy. However, its effectiveness in changing the trajectory of global greenhouse-gas emissions depends on >