Latest ELC Work

The ELC has developed a comprehensive overview that identifies how Canada provides billions of dollars in subsidies each year to the fossil fuel industry. “Despite Canada having committed to the Paris Agreement, it is still >

ELC Spotlight

BC is revitalizing its environmental assessment regime with the aim of enhancing public confidence, transparency and meaningful participation. The ELC has prepared a briefing note that recommends the new environmental assessment regime include a participant funding program. Public participation improves government decision making by identifying and clarifying problems, interests, and alternatives. Members of the public can >

ELC Alumna Melinda Skeels

Melinda Skeels has come a long way from the windowless office she occupied as one of the ELC’s first articled students. But her ELC memories focus more on the daily walking meetings she had with Calvin (which is still a daily practice for ELC articled students) and the work she did, including appearing before hundreds >