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Agricultural waste can wreak havoc on the environment and affect drinking water quality. Community group Save Hullcar Aquifer Team acutely alerted us to this problem when they came to us with concerns about nitrate contamination >


One of the most compelling ELC Associates’ discussions (link to the Associates Program page on our website) this year explored BC’s marine spills response regime. Unfortunately, there was a recent incident to examine: the Nathan E. Stewart tugboat, which spilled hundreds of thousands of litres of diesel in October 2016 when it sank in the >

A Taste of Oregon – Because Nature Needs Advocates

For those interested in public interest environmental law, the annual conference at the University of Oregon is the place to come together with other strategic environmental thinkers and doers. It provides an excellent opportunity for our students to connect with and learn from the broader public interest environmental law scene. This year, there was an >